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Employment Trends in the Non-Profit Sector

Employment TrendsThere was a day when it was widely believed that the best and brightest talent in the employment marketplace would rather work at a for-profit company than for a nonprofit organization.Those days are over. There has been a dramatic shift in recent years, a shift that has resulted in a significant influx of talent into the nonprofit sector. Nonprofit organizations no longer have to play “second fiddle” to for-profit companies. They no longer have to watch those companies hire the best and brightest candidates.

Below are five exciting employment trends in the nonprofit sector:

        1. A growing number of people are interested in working for a non-profit organization.One of the reasons for this is the emergence of the Millennial Generation. One of the defining characteristics of Millennials is that they want to work in a position and for a company that will allow them to make a difference in the world and impact other people in a meaningful way. Non-profit organizations offer an excellent opportunity for them to do just that. However, it’s not just Millennials who are more interested in making a difference. Other generations are gravitating toward the non-profit sector, as well, a trend that has grown steadily with each passing year.
        2. Talent is moving from for-profit industries to the non-profit sector.Where has this influx of talent into the non-profit sector come from? Everywhere! Talented candidates from all industries are making career moves to non-profit organizations. These candidates are taking skills that they honed working at for-profit companies and making the decision to apply them at a non-profit organization. We’re talking about people with five, 10, and 15 years of experience in the marketplace, people with the skills and talent to become extraordinarily employees who provide incredible value
        3. Top candidates are open to hearing about non-profit opportunities.Since a growing number of people are interested in working for a non-profit organization, that means a growing number of them are open to hearing about new employment opportunities in the non-profit sector. We’re not talking about just any candidates, either, but top candidates. However, since these people are most likely already employed and not actively seeking a new opportunity, companies must reach out to them. The good news, though, is that these candidates want somebody to reach out to them about a premium employment opportunity in the non-profit sector
        4. Top candidates can be recruited with more than just compensation.When you consider that candidates who want to work for a non-profit are also motivated more by making a difference, then you can see why compensation is just one part of the equation. But it goes beyond even that. These candidates are seeking other things, too, including opportunities for professional development, chances to advance through the company to positions of leadership, a great company culture, and work that is going to continually challenge and stimulate them. If your organization can offer these things to top candidates, then your organization can successfully recruit and hire such candidates.
        5. Top candidates are drawn to organizations with compelling brands.Millennials and candidates from other generations interested in working for a non-profit are more likely to be drawn to an organization that has a clearly defined company brand. Why is that? A company’s brand is more or less the story for that organization—what it stands for, what it believes in, and what vision it has for the future. A candidate that wants to make a difference in their job wants to work for an organization that has a history of making a difference and also has a vision of how it wants to continue doing so for years to come.

Is your organization positioned to take advantage of these trends? Are you ready to locate, recruit, and hire the best candidates available that are interested in working for a non-profit and would like to know more about your great employment opportunity?

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